About Me

I’m just an average bloke who wants to do my civic duty for the place I call home.

I grew up in Marton and remember moving out at 16 begrudging my parents for raising me on a lifestyle block in a small town with nothing to do… Many years later realising how much that place and community enriched my life and ultimately making a similar decision to move up here from Wellington.

I’ve been living here in Koputaroa for about 7 years now, where I run a small organic orchard with a few friends and feel that same sense of community. This is my home and I love it.

Professionally I’m an IT Engineer, I work from home for an Australian company doing really nerdy things… Most of what I do is building systems that enable people to do their jobs better and faster through automation.

Previously I worked for Horowhenua District Council in their IT department… Which gave me some unique insights into the operations of Council.

During my time there I managed to see all corners of the business, every water treatment plant, every park and reserve and every facility.

I had the pleasure of building relationships directly with the people which serve our district day and night.

I want to provide a young progressive voice for our residents.
I want to make reasonable, logical and forward thinking decisions. I want to make these decisions based on what our people want, and what’s best for the whenua we live upon.

I’m extremely passionate about improving the baseline operations of our council.

Working there I saw first hand (to put it bluntly) some gaping holes in how things are run.

Projects without business cases or cost benefit analysis, a lack of community engagement and Illogical budgets allocations.

I want to see better, more sensible investments, where our community wants it, that will pay off for our district now and into the future.

As the youngest candidate, I encourage you to remember you’re voting not just for yourselves today, but for future generations like mine.

I’m standing to represent my generation and our rangatahi who have been under-represented in local government for too long.

Authorised by Rogan Boyle, 020 4109 6108